My name is Jane Brown and I am a childminder based in Pewsham, Chippenham. I have lived in Chippenham since 2000 and have been childminding since 2005. I provide childcare for children aged 5 months - 11 years.

My childminding setting provides a safe and happy environment for your child where they learn and develop to their full potential during play activities. Early Years Children (0-5 years) will have their development planned and assessed regularly - some parents enjoy the chance of being able to be part of this process. Once your child is enrolled, you will receive a notebook which is used each day your child attends. It is used to share information, eg meals eaten, sleep times, what we have been doing throughout the day etc and also anything you wish to tell me about your child.
Choosing a childminder (as opposed to another childcare setting) can be a good option if you need flexible childcare - please contact me to discuss your needs. There is the advantage of having one person who gets to know your child and their needs well and your child feeling secure - they know who is at the setting when they come. This ensures the baby/child is relaxed and happy coming which in turn means they get more out of their time here.
Your child will have plenty of opportunities to socialise - childminders meet at the local children's centre and at other groups in Chippenham such as toddler groups. Many children from my setting have made strong, longlasting friendships with children they have met through the childminding network.
I share information with all other childcare settings that your child attends (be that another childminder, nursery, pre-school etc.) to ensure that everyone is working with the same goal in mind when it comes to your child - enjoying and achieving.

For more information on my fees* and availability, please contact me using the information on the "Contact" page which can be accessed at the top of this page.

You can find out more about me and my childcare setting by clicking on the "About me" button at the top, and images of the setting (including a 360o panorama) and examples of the activities that the children can participate in on the "Pictures" page.

*Some people are entitled to free childcare and as such would not have to pay me a fee. Click here to see if you could be claiming free childcare.